Tuesday, October 16, 2007

election issues: the politics of personality

Great opinion piece in today’s Age by Monica Dux, who captures the cusp of the anti-Howard generation. Though chardonnay and latte’s are not my beverages of choice, she nails a very important point. This election is all about getting Howard out, rather than looking at who we are voting in.

As I declared in my position statement – I don’t like Howard. I don’t forgive him for his lies – about Tampa, weapons of mass destruction and not bringing in GST, to name but a few. I don’t like his inaction on climate change, nor his blundering into indigenous communities. But Rudd? He makes my skin crawl.
Why would I vote for a man who’s agenda is of (his) party embracing the “fully rounded Christian gospel”. This man makes Howard look positively agnostic. As for policies – with Peter Garrett rubber stamping Turnbull’s stance on Gunns pulp mill and the back flip on Work Choices, it is very hard to tell the two parties apart.

But where does this leave us Howard-haters? Supporting the Opposition simply out of spite against the Prime Minister, without asking what we're getting instead? Perhaps we're wrong and we're not the moral voice of the nation. But if we're right and we are, then aren't we abrogating our responsibility? It's as if we've stopped caring who or what we vote for, as long as Howard loses.

Dux’s point is that it is very well for us to rejoice about an anticipated end to the Howard regime. But let’s start asking some questions about the alternative.


Anonymous the not boyfriend said...

What really pisses me off is that most of us can only see “the” Claytons alternative, as if we were selectively blinded by the media and our own prejudices.

Why, oh why can't we see the colours green and red?

8:35 am  

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