Monday, October 15, 2007

election issues: Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania

Don Burke

versus those who Don would probably class as not "very genuine" greenies, who would like a word with Mr Smith.

You decide.

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Blogger Hugh Manatee said...

Don Burke is a smart, angry, seemingly bipolar, self-obsessed guy. He's also hypocritical. His logic doesn't make sense. For example, I've heard him argue that rather than thinking we can reverse climate changing we have to adapt. Then he'll go on to talk about how this means that some pest species are going to grow in different areas than previously and we should accept that and not make such a fuss, but in practically the same breath he'll talk about the successes that LandCare had in clearing areas of weed pests.

He'll cheer for Gunns under the guise of the very partisan, very lobby-group-intertwined, very agenda-driven, totally corporate-whoring Australian Environment Foundation and give them an award for protecting grasslands while they're wiping out biodiverse and unique forests by saying that any company trying to do good should be encouraged. Well how about 'encouraging' a company, any company, that does good not as ap.r.-fix for its rank evil but because that's its raison d'etre.

He's intelligent, he's thoroughly self-involved, and on big-picture environment stuff it's more important to question why he's making an argument than it is to give it positive weight. Sad. Bastard.

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