Monday, October 15, 2007

Election 2007: Position statement

Which way do I jump?

I am anti-Howard but not pro-Rudd.

I consider the current manifestation of the Liberal and Labour parties to be on the conservative/right, with very little between them.

I believe that all parties should be judged on their past and recent actions, as well as their policies.

I do think that Australia would benefit from a strong third political party, particularly in the Senate.

I stopped voting for the Democrats after they rolled over on GST.

I am still learning about the Greens policies and political effectiveness.

Personal stats (how typical am I according to the 2006 census)

I am a woman (50.6%)
I am 25-54 (42.2%)
I am not married (33.2%)
I was not born in Australia (29.1%)
English is my first language (78.5%)
Depending on how you look at it – I am either single or a “couple with no children” (37.2%)
I pay my own mortgage (32.2%)
I am an atheist. (18.7%)

On average I represent 40% of the population, however none of the major political parties represented my interests at the last federal election.

I am also

self employed
have no employees
have no superannuation

Beliefs and quirks

My personal beliefs put me into the small ‘l’ liberal, “very liberal” and generally “lefty” category.

I believe that power corrupts the majority of individuals.

I am very angry that Labour did not fully disclose its preferences at the last federal election, resulting in a minority party whose only agenda was to represent Christian families (ie: not me), gaining a seat in the Senate.

I have always voted “below the line”.

I am concerned that the last federal election was won on a sole platform of appealing to the hip pocket of heterosexual, non-indigenous, nuclear families. I believe that this only serves to divide and conquer and takes the focus away from wider issues such as the environment, defence commitments and spending, community amenities (public schools and hospitals, the requirements of a rapidly aging population) and our responsibilities as a global citizen. As a consequence these community and global issues have worsened since the last federal election.

I do not trust the media to be remain unbiased.

I do not claim my own commentary is neutral but at least this statement makes my bias clear.

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