Friday, September 21, 2007

Pilger, Chavez and the vitriolic left

Over at Larvateus Prodeo there’s been a Chavez-bashing fest rarely seen on a left leaning blog, due to a post about Pilger’s new film “The War on Democracy”. As one of the 2 people who commented who had actually seen the film, I’m going to jump a little sideways and go to an issue Pilger raised during the Q&A after the screening.

He talked of landing in Sydney on the last day of virtual Marshall Law in the city. That is the final day of OPEC APEC. He made a stinging attack on those Sydneysiders who took the made up holiday and headed off to have a good time rather than go and fight at the barricades.

Some did though – and this is what happened.

(Thanks Daily Magnet for the heads up on this piece from ManifestoDeSydney.)

Pilger seems to get up people’s noses. While his latest piece is not the most gripping doco I’ve seen, in person or on the screen - in my opinion we need more Pilgers – asking questions, inspiring or irritating us. In his own way, he is redressing the media imbalance, with equal bias perhaps, to tell another side of the Latin America political story – one that doesn’t tally with the current media owning cartels take on history.

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Blogger The Daily Magnet said...

No worries Outspoken Woman-the editing on it is great isn't it? I think I'll be looking for more from MDS in future.

The mindlessness and audacity of these little jerks(who assaulted the women at APEC) is just beyond me - birthed, breast fed, cooked & cleaned for, hugged & adored all their lives, and STILL they don't know respect for women. Scum.

10:02 pm  

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