Monday, August 06, 2007

floral holster aprons

It’s one of those days when I read cute crafting blogs. It fills me with desire to buy floral tablecloths, embroider pillowcases and do things with pastel colour fabric. Fortunately I can’t sew. Maybe it’s a Virgo thing that if I can’t master a straight line with thread, by machine let alone hand, I can’t deal with the disappointment of my own messiness.

And fortunate because – I don’t really like floral things. If I woke up in a cutesy crafted cottage I’d probably be violently ill.

No, what I want to work out is why I am so fascinated with that corner of the blogoshpere. Sure I like cooking, why else would I feverishly write about it? But you see no cloud icing covered with berries and shots of vintage baking ware (if I do knock out a muffin it’s now in one of those weird silicone pans – hey but it is red and might make a good shot?)

When I read these blogs I want to populate my kitchen with the cutest of op shop plates. Well I did for many years, out of necessity but now I spend my life trying to stop the surviving few from being put through the dishwasher. The silverware, similarly sourced has become tarnished from the same treatment. One day it might be nice to pull a knife and fork out of the drawer and find they match or they are not ridiculously mis-sized.

But back to cuteville. It’s a great place. A land where neither Howard nor Bush reign. Women practice the feminine arts, reclaimed because it is no longer a choice of work or home. Some of the most powerful businesswomen go weak at the knees at a pile of retro material. These blogs barely have a whisper of politics. There is rapture over old sewing patterns, the making of soft toys with a modern twist and doing clever things with buttons.

I love it. I really do. But it’s just not me. In the same way I would never tote a gun, despite my steady diet of feminist crime fighter novels. These are worlds I can take refuge in when the stupidity of humanity gets just too much to bear.

But I’d better mind myself, I have a day off today and the op shops beckon!

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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

Yet another 'blogging Virgo'!

Did you see Compass Sunday night on 'Fundies'?
There was a woman with a floral apron which had a hip holster for a handgun.

The worst (best?) craft blog is
Rosie Gets Cosy.
The woman should be running America she is a time-management genius - she bakes and sews and photographs and travels and the garden Is A 'Picture', and last time i saw, her blog has been syndicated across both coasts.
enough to give the rest of us a complete complex.
sorry no link - but she is big enough to find easily I'm sure -just one visit will cure you of any urge to 'nest'.
good luck.

10:06 pm  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

OK, I'm back.
It's Posie Gets Cosy and now the blog is a BOOK.
Now she is a megastar and not posting gorgeous photos of pies and pillows like she used to.
For that,
just put "Cath Kidston"
into Guugle, then
click over to the Images results.
You won't come out alive.

10:12 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Yes I think it was a dose of Posy that got me started on the post, plus seeing the compass promo with the holster apron - a classic.

I also read soulmama, pixie post, whip up, wishcraft... Craft porn!

8:30 am  

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