Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Go – but where?

Things must be tough in Sydney if the Council’s latest scheme is any indication of things to come. A new campaigns just been launched urging city residents to pack a Go Bag, in case of any looming emergency (natural or manmade). With maps, torches and running shoes as essential items in the back pack (which look eerily like the same ones those London transport bombers were wearing) it seems like the harbour city is all geared up for – what? An evening at Opera in the Park?

The Go Bag features a small bottle of water and while it advises having coins or a phone card because the mobile phone coverage might be down, it suggests you have atm cards for money – from what, the electricity dependent network. Hmm, do you really believe these guys have thought things through here? Further lateral thinking suggests you bundle your moggy up in a pillowcase and carry her to the meeting point in one of the designated parks. Yeah – right!

This false preparedness smacks of a New Orleans stadium disaster waiting to happen.

Coming from a country that is rife with natural disasters every good kiwi has an earthquake stash at home. The New Zealand kit suggests at least 3 litres of water, per person, a day, appropriate dried or canned food and a primus or bbq to cook on.

If the wee baggie is a sign of things to com in this country, perhaps a few earthquakes in NZ aren’t so daunting after all.


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