Wednesday, July 25, 2007

blogging from work

I feel guilty blogging from work - even though I am self-employed.

There is always something else that needs doing if I have a client-free moment. There is the BAS (tax) due in a couple of days, assorted admin, bill paying and other riveting things. Because of the potential time wasting aspect of all things net based, I've decided not to have internet access at work. See there is still a ludite lurking inside of me after all!

However, when the laptop takes a trip into the workplace through the wonders of blue tooth and a densely packed building of mostly self-employed people...the free surfing is just too delicious to ignore.

But what to do with stolen blogging moments? Do I comment at long last about the horrendous things this government is doing in regards to civil rights, using the terrorist excuse? Make a pithy 'Rudd is just a younger version of Howard' statement? Mention that even arch conservative Andrew Bolt has said it's time for the PM to stand down (not because he's failing, but because of his success - WTF)?

Nope - I write a post in praise of the people who don't safeguard their wireless connections and leave their network open to people like me. To those generous, or just not computer savvy, people out there - I salute you :)

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Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

The joys of working for a union - being able to rip into Howard and the coalition as aprt of your job.

The joys of working for a progressive union - being able to criticise Rudd and the ALP too.

11:20 am  

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