Saturday, June 30, 2007


I missed winter solstice this year. Though technically still in the Southern Hemisphere (by a mere 8 degrees), while I sweltered in 30c days with high humidity – it was just too confusing to delve into internal spaces while my physical body was outwardly travelling.

Back in Melbourne, the essence of the solstice seems ever present. The days are short and dim. The morning darkness seems inhumane. The trudge home on the tram – dark, wet and late. Part jet lag and post holiday inertia, part winter – all I want to do is get horizontal and sleep. The hot water bottle has become my closest friend. I am having a love affair with my soft bed, the pillows of the perfect thickness and my 400 thread count sheets. Bliss.

I arrive back to Australia to one of the weirdest government initiatives, which really is quite an achievement with the Howard government’s litany of ridiculous local and foreign policies. A while ago the issue of sexual abuse of young children in Aboriginal communities got to the point that they couldn’t ignore it any more. So what did they do? Did they go and speak to the elders? Did they consult the communities? No! They got all paternalistic and sent the army in to sort the situation out. With many survivors of the Stolen Generation still alive, some locals took to the hills in fear of further maltreatment. This is a real dark hour in the history of this nation and at this point it seems unlikely that any actual healing will come out of this intervention.

Locally, within the State – flooding, where just months ago there was fire, drought and pestilence has hijacked the news. A man died on the outskirts of Melbourne when an ancient tree crashed onto his home amidst a storm.

In London, the bombers are out and about again.

Let’s just hope that the darkest hour really is just before the dawn.

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Blogger JahTeh said...

Brownie was house sitting at Kalorama and 3 gums came down on the house next door during the big blow.

As for Howard saying it's not a land grab which every one thinks, well last night he came up with a plan of compensation if they did have to take some land. The man's is a walking lie.

3:57 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

You are far too polite! He's a crawling, slippery, scheming, snake in the grass.

4:01 pm  

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