Wednesday, May 09, 2007

free wifi

Wellington airport - and I'm talking New Zealand not a spot on the map in Florida - has free wifi. It's a little flukey to connect to but once up and running it was a dream. A passing German tourist asked me how I did it - the trick is to type in an email address on the registration page.

Now of all the times I have sat in that airport alone, waiting an hour or so to board my flight back to Australia - there was a free internet connection and a laptop - and every member of my immediate family! It would have been rude, wouldn't it - to sign on and read a weeks worth of mail, do a quick blog post, catch up on bloglines?

...thus you'll have to wait another day for a real post!


Blogger Justine said...

i would have no conscience about downloading as much e-material as possible :)
i feel kinda guilty now!

5:42 pm  

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