Thursday, May 10, 2007

back from the coal face

Family update:

Mother – with a mind resembling Swiss cheese these days, has to go through the indignity of being not believed by her children whenever she remembers things correctly that they know nothing about. No wonder she is confused!

Father – is grumpy and frustrated with the change of roles at home. Even more so when mum plays hide the remote control, in fact denying she has ever touched the remote. This resulted in 2 nights with no television news or watching endless documentaries about WW2 on the history channel. Come to think of it, I think mum hid it on purpose having had a week of him being away which meant minimal news and watching as many reruns on UK TV that she desired.

Daughter (the younger) – a little weary after a week of providing respite care. Is now revelling in moments of silence without all day talkback radio blaring. This is an exert of the cream of Wellington radio from the other day.

Caller 1: (in response to a recent gang shooting incident) I think they should bring in compulsory military training. It will give these people a reason to get out of bed in the morning and a sense of purpose in life…

Caller 2: I agree – but the 10 weeks I had in training wasn’t enough, they need it to be much longer. And take a leaf from the Israeli book and make the girls do it too – don’t you know it’s women who kill their children, not the men…

Yes! – let’s train gang members in the correct usage of firearms and other explosives. Then when they shoot at each other they’ll hit their intended target not an infant sitting on the sofa.


Blogger JahTeh said...

Or children bumping off their parents. I share the pain of your younger sister in the radio department.

4:31 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Thanks - I am the younger sister :)

4:38 pm  

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