Sunday, February 11, 2007

a whiff of displacement activity

Does the flurry of posts at the moment suggest something to you? Can you smell of a deadline looming?

My thought for the day “I can procrastinate, as long as I procrastinate creatively”.

Some things in the blogoshpere tickling my creative fancy at the moment:

Keri Smith a powerhouse of ideas – journal work, collage, visual arts and much more – don’t leave without checking out her “100 ideas”.

Whip Up - if I read craft blogs will I osmotically acquire the abilities to sew, knit and do all sorts of nifty things with found objects?

Jenny Diski a writer I have admired for years since I read “Nothing Natural”. In her blog “Biology of the worst kind” she begins posts with priceless lines like I'm troubled about being a miserablist. A mentor for all grumpy, but creative, older women.

…and so much more. But I really must do something now!

Another pretty picture from yesterday before I go.



Blogger Justine said...

Procrastinating? Who is procrastinating?? Couldn't be me... not my style...

Nice photo.

10:15 pm  

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