Monday, February 26, 2007

when your lovers love life gets in the way of posting

Melbourne Girl asked for more info about life with the Not Boyfriend. Well let me see, how does this weekend sound to you?

Had lunch with NB and an (unfulfilled) object of his affection on Friday. Her marriage has recently ended. She is a lovely woman and doesn’t deserve any of the shit that is happening in her life.

Friday – Sunday his long time ex girlfriend (in fact his first ever girlfriend) stayed for the weekend. We dined, cooked, breakfasted together. They had time out on their own. No big deal. I knew when she turned his portrait of "Osama as Christ" around to face the wall that things had changed since they were together. Oh and the crucifix around her neck.

He sleeps in his own room, in his own bed some nights too. Which as an sporadic insomniac I have to say I enjoy having a night by myself cuddling Princess Prissy Paws who went off him in a big way before he moved in.

Ah, just another weekend in paradise!

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