Friday, January 05, 2007

from the wild and windy place

Wellington is a wild and windy place. Contrary to seasonal dictates, it does not appear to be having a summer this year. Roads and hillsides are studded with slips, waterlogged pieces of earth have dislodged in recent months and caused havoc.

For a drought plagued Victorian, the juxtaposition was very odd. At first I revelled in the lushness of the landscape – so green and fertile, I didn’t care that it was 15c. Then I kind of got, well…over it. Grey, windy, wet, cold days out of season tend to dent the psyche.

So now I am back in the ridiculousness of 30-plus c days, dying earth and water restrictions. As a woman who revels in moderation, these extremes are doing my head in. And my sleep! Oh for an 8 hour sleep. When that resumes I’ll be back blogging.

In the meantime muse on this.

Look at these little patches of prime Wellington real estate.

Are they selling:

a) a couple of metres of pavement
b) a perch for a dolls house
c) a sheer cliff face

In a land of rain, slips and earthquakes, strangely c is the answer!


Blogger Boysenberry said...

I remember Wellington as being grey and damp in the middle of summer from my visits there many, many years ago. Some things just don't change, I guess.

8:14 am  

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