Wednesday, December 13, 2006

smoke gets in your eyes

The smoke is back. This State and many others are on fire. I cough when I go outside. I did not walk to work today. Even at work, behind double glazing and quadruple layers of bricks, I can smell it.

The earth is unhappy. It’s a bit like a human body when it’s out of sorts. It sends you messages, discomfort, to tell you to stop what you are doing. Our planet is doing the same thing. We really are messing it up.

All of a sudden climate change is on the agenda, according to the same Prime Minister who has steadfastly opposed Kyoto on the grounds that it will damage our economy. Call me cynical, but I suspect this has more to do with some heavy lobbying from the nuclear energy industry – which presents itself as some kind of saviour. We have lots of uranium in this country – it’d be a pity not to use it. As for the pesky byproducts, we’ve squillions of kilometres of desert out there that no one’s using, enough for our radioactive waste and the rest of the world’s. Not a problem – big hole, lots of concrete and a few bribes for the local indigenous communities. Well, if our forefathers could get away with blankets and muskets, why not?

My family does not have future generations, but I am happy to act as if it does. This one has squandered so much that cannot be replaced – innumerable species of flora and fauna extinct, the bleaching of the reefs and now our entire ecosystem hanging in the balance.

At Christmas I head off to the land of cheap bananas and plentiful water. They’ve been complaining of an endless winter, even pelting horizontal hail in the first week of summer. The green land is beginning to look like an oasis. There is a population that is more politically aware, preferring a voice rather than apathy. A strong Green movement that would never dream of allowing nuclear reactors to be built.

I want to see what the earth is saying to me there.


Blogger Crystal said...

You are so right.
All day I have been dwelling on the same thoughtlines.
I am way out of Melbourne on the road to Gisborne out north of Bacchus Marsh.
Visibility has been about 100 metres all day, my eyes have been running, and of course it smells.
The news report I read online today blames it on El Nino or similar.
RightWingers are blaming the High Country fires on the expulsion of the cattle which used to eat the undergrowth.
We have all destroyed the 'good planet' and now we have to live in the very Uncomfortable Planet.
Like failing to brush one's teeth until it is too late to save the tooth.
My List of The Causes:
incessant unnecessary jet travel,
SPA baths in every new house - WTF?
3-cars in every family driveway.
Over-packaging of every damn product we buy.
Too much concrete everywhere.
People are self-indulgent and all just Want Too Much.
Who can I Vote for to change any of this?

9:48 pm  

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