Monday, November 27, 2006

soul food

Why is live music always a feast or a famine? For some strange reason it is for me. But this weekend there was enough to fatten even the most anorexic rock pig.

Friday was a veritable smorgasbord at the RRR 30th birthday bash. Apart from being assailed with waiters handing out free drinks and morsels of food (which is always rather pleasant) there was a wonderful spread when it came to music.

The RRR band, pumped out mainly 80’s alternative – the line up included the cherry haired Phil Wales, Gary Young (Daddy Cool), a tight black t-shirted David Bridie (MFTCC)…guest vocals from Ron Peno (Died Pretty), Rob Craw (Huxton Creepers), Tony Biggs doing a TISM impersonation….so much, so good, too many to remember. More entertainment from Dave Grainy/Moodists, Blue Ruin and the Models. Got to say Ian (Quincy) Mclean still looks fab and his singing just gets better.

Sunday, was a rare My Friend the Chocolate Gig – a weekend when “too much David Bridie is not nearly enough”. Though hearing one 40-something woman referring to him as “the middle aged women’s sex symbol” made me wince. The moniker I’d last heard had been “think women’s”…!

Songs from the new (unreleased) album wove beautifully with old faves, the usual on stage banter and the odd live performance cock up which is always endearing. But the guernsey for night goes once more to Hope’s sartorial choices. This time huge, red traditional wooden clogs with black and red stripy socks. Quick girls, run to your nearest Dutch shop before the rush!

A weekend full of such fine musicians, politically edged, low ego-ed and on top form – what more could a (middle aged?) girl want?


Blogger Boysenberry said...

What else could a girl want? Not much, by the sound of it.

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