Thursday, November 23, 2006

love letters

I’ve been very popular lately. It’s been years since I’ve had so much mail. Real mail. Printed on paper. In fact, some days my letterbox is bursting at the seams.

The best, so far, was the one I got today. It was from one of Australia’s rock legends and he wrote to me! I’ve never had anything to do with the man in my life, but all of a sudden there is addressed mail, in my box, all the way from sunny Maroubra. I open the envelope and his baldhead and piercing eyes look back. No way! Peter Garrett has written to me! Well ok, not me exactly. But me as in “Melbourne resident”.

For those outside of this little corner of the world it is State election time here in Victoria. Peter Garrett, once front man of Midnight Oil, once champion of the Indigenous, once crusader for the forest – is now a Labour man, a member of the Federal Parliament. It seems strange out of 150 elected representatives, this man from another state had the urge to contact me about my choices this Saturday. Hell, even my Federal MP, also a member of Pete’s party, hasn’t bothered to drop me a line. I mean, this guy’s usually a prolific writer, well when he’s up for election that is – but not a peep out of him lately.

So why is Pete so keen to contact me and what's the bee he's got in his bonnet? Mr Garrett, once a friend of the environment and many things alternative seems very, very worried about the Greens. He seems to think that these guys have gone into an unholy alliance with the real bad guys, the Libs. "Following the recent preference deal between the Greens and the Liberal Party..." - those were the words he used. But poor Pete seems to have got it wrong. The Greens nicely left me a leaflet, printed on recycled paper, to tell me their preferences*. Maybe Pete was upset that the Libs weren’t last on their preferences and this is what was concerning him? I can just imagine the consternation back in the verdant party room “Who to put last – the scumbag Liberals or the rampant, right wing christians?”. It appears they searched their souls and chucked Fundamentalist First at the bottom of the pile, just a nose in front of the Libs. But this isn’t what Pete was implying.

Or maybe he is really, covertly working for the Fundamentalists? After all – Labour preferenced them way ahead of the Greens in my Federal seat at the last election. Thanks to Labour’s decision to do so (or as this is a democracy, their blind followers who had faith they wouldn’t do something so dumb as endorse a party that was so far away from their own values rather than one that one that was in a closer neighbourhood ideologically speaking) my Federal senator is now a member of Family First.

Who’s afraid of the Greens then? Pete and his friend Bronwyn seem to be.

I’ll let you into a little secret Pete. I was a Labour voter for many years. Call it a youthful folly. Now I am entirely unaligned. Though this election I now have 3 parties on my hit list – all vying to be number 6 on my preferences – Liberal, Family First…and Labour.

Why? Because campaigns like this, which deliberately tell scare mongering lies, really piss me off. I expected more integrity from the Labour party, but this is why I feel so totally disenfranchised by you and your peers.

I was your target audience for this letter, Pete. But you got it oh, so wrong.

* from the Greens website
2 COLLINS, Isabell (PP)
4 PIKE, Bronwyn (ALP)
6 GEBBING, Rebecca (FF)
5 PAPAS, Steve (LIB)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Message to Victorian voters from Bob Brown, the Australian Greens Leader

Dear Voter

During the twenty years I knew him, Peter Garrett opposed uranium
mining, the Pine Gap spy facility, logging of native forests and nuclear
powered ships being allowed into Australian ports.

Not any more. He is now part of the Labor machine. This week in
Melbourne Labor rolled out Peter to attack the Greens. That’s because
in this age of climate change the Greens’ environment policies are
rapidly attracting Labor and Liberal voters.

The Greens remain strong on the principles Peter once sang about.

In Victoria the Greens have preferenced Labor in 60 seats and the
Liberals in none. In the others we are leaving it to the voters by
having split tickets favouring neither Labor nor Liberal.

But now Labor’s Peter Garrett has written to voters in key Melbourne
seats falsely indicating that the Greens pro Labor preference decision
is in fact pro Liberal. This is brutal, Labor machine politics. Don’t
fall for it.

Labor’s Peter Garrett is not Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett or the
Australian Conservation Foundation’s Peter Garrett. He is now an anti
Greens campaigner.

Ignore him. Vote Green.

Bob Brown
Australian Greens Leader

For more information and comment please contact:
Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603
Dave Lane on (mob) 0419 156 213

9:54 am  
Blogger sjusju said...

Great writing!

I hope you sent Garrett something to this effect. I don't really care if the ALP want to have a rock star instead of an environmental policy, but the lies and bullying of smaller parties have got to stop!

10:53 am  
Anonymous The Editor said...

Dear Peter,

Once upon a time you stood for something. Then you sold your soul to the Labor party and its ridiculous factional system. Thankyou for cementing my desire to vote '1' Green.


11:40 am  
Blogger Snoskred said...

I love the anonymous letter, it really says it all.

Sorry that the mail will stop soon. They're oh so fickle, these political types. Once the election is over, you'll never hear from them again! Why, it's almost like you slept with them and then they vanish until the next election (ie the next time they need a shag).

I recommend you visit this website if you want to keep getting real mail - - they can use a friendly post card or two from time to time, it keeps their spirits up. The pollies do not need that, unless they don't get in, in which case you may feel free to send them little postcards saying "sucks to be you" ;)

I did think Peter is the only hope Labor has got but this is a big stuff up and thank you for letting the rest of Australia know.. :)

2:08 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I rushed home from work all expectant, after all I sent him an email last night. You can imagine how heart broken I am to have heard nothing. Nothing! Snoskred you are so write. This is like a one night stand that has gone wrong.

Pete where are you? Didn't this flurry of correspondence mean anything to you?!

5:14 pm  
Blogger Chai said...

We all have our price. Peter now knows what his is.

10:05 pm  

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