Sunday, November 26, 2006

"...just get me to the church on time"

If only I could perfect grabbing my camera out of my bag and taking a photo while changing lane at 80 kph down Dandenong Road. IF I could have the snap of the day would have the wedding car of the moment. Imagine this - you've got the ivory dress, the bridesmaids in some pastel shade and you rock up to the church in...a shining black Hummer with a white wedding ribbon on the front bonnet, of course.

Some days I feel as though I'm moving through an episode of "Kath and Kim".


Blogger Brownie said...

Oh Ms Ranty I HEAR you.
I have seen a white stretched Hummer doing the Big Day thing here in the bush for godsake.

Christian weddings have gone a long way away from simply walking to one's neighbourhood church.
WHY! does a ridiculous vehicle have to be employed for the Special Day? It is so weird and costly and it looks silly.
I walked to my wedding at Hawthorn Church of Christ across the park from home in Barton St. cost nil.

Have said that, I was hysterical throughout Kath's Cinderella Coach episode.

6:15 pm  
Blogger DJ said...

Brownie has unwittingly hit the nail on the head there with "Special" as in "sheshhh-uulll" you know, in the same way that some challenged kids are "speshul" if you get my drift

Anyway you ought to see the rubbish I see, it only BEGINS with the the time they're carried out/escorted out by the local constabulary/thrown out/fought with the new in laws/all of the above you get to see plenty more than just Hummers....

Hmm might be time to write that memoirs book... Oh Desci! Still want to ghost-write me?

6:42 pm  

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