Saturday, November 18, 2006


According to The Age and no doubt all the media - the G20 protest today was full of violence and disorder.

For the few hours I was there I saw more than the reported 2,000, happily marching, chanting and hanging about in the sun. There was music, drumming, clowns and performance art. There was no confrontation with police. Some protesters were even consuming food and beverages from the very multinationals they were supposedly out to attack (in their Nike shoes, at that).

Don't believe everything you read in the press.

Update: After digesting the media message about the protest all weekend:

Uniformly the mainstream media, even SBS, has shown the same footage of violent protest repeatedly. By getting side-tracked by the small handful (probably 10 out of 2000-4000 people) they used it as an excuse to not mention any of the legitimate reasons why people were protesting peacefully.

To read what the rally was really about, who spoke and what actually happened check out this report in The Green Left Weekly,


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