Monday, October 09, 2006

...pass it on

The highlight of last week:

The much awaited new issue of Dumbo Feather arrived in my mailbox. Yes, real mail. A thickly bound magazine that not only reads, but feels like no other. The illustrious Kate - founder, editor and chief dogsbody of the publication, had the lurgy a few months ago and the edition didn’t go out. As a newish subscriber, it felt like a long time between reads.

They did a survey of readers (of which I didn’t participate) but one of the questions is about how people read it. I flip through, look at the over all layout and mentally prioritise the articles I want to read. Sometimes it can take me months to dip in and out of all them.

But the absolute pleasure, tucked inside the wrapping, was a free roll-your-own beeswax candle. It was such a simple, childlike treat to make it. The smell of the honeyed aroma released from the warmth of my hands as I rolled, made my heart sing.

I’ve got to say – Dumbo Feathers stimulates more than the eyes. Even if you don’t get the free candle, dive into it anyway!


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