Monday, September 04, 2006

Things go better with – nutritional “balance”

This week the big wigs get together in Sydney to discuss obesity. If the sponsors are anything to go by, this science based conference will lean heavily on pharmaceutical options, with 5 drug companies listed as major sponsors. Food is represented by 2 meat boards (that’s right, the massive protein overload that most Western diets endure wont turn you into a porker) and 2 diet companies. I guess the Vegan Society, neighbourhood walking group and your local community swimming pool haven’t really got the dosh to have a presence. But the big fizzy beverage world leader is there in the form of a company sponsored scientist. Listen to how the big coke company puts the spin on how their drinks have nothing to do with obesity, on the last 5 minutes of todays The World Today on the ABC’s Radio National. Also of note is how the spokesperson from the Dieticians Association supports his claims. But then again, at least the 10th International Congress on Obesity is not directly sponsored by the junk food industry unlike the DAA

For a more enlightened rebuttal of the food industry’s cry, have a look at a recent editorial in the Medical Journal of Australia.


Blogger The Editter said...

I clicked on your link to the obesity forum and discovered there is a "host body" for it.

5:02 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Hopefully a nice plump one, not a skinny cadaver!

5:24 pm  

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