Tuesday, August 15, 2006

stand and deliver

If you send your child to school, especially a private school of good repute with sizable fees, would you expect them to be able to teach the pupil to read? A parent has sued Brighton Grammar under the Trade Practices
Act for failing to teach her son to read
, despite their assurances that they could deliver this service.

This opens up a whole range of possible law suits:

The police force that fails to "serve and protect"

The doctor who, if nothing else does harm.

The sex worker who is unable to help you have a good time.

The spouse who fails to "love, honour and obey".

Fortunately the Australian Federal Government has never adopted a motto, but even without one I'm not sure how we can justify invading other countries for no good reason, leaving one of own citizens incarcerated in a foreign jail for 4.5 years without being charged or allowing our indigenous people to live in such bad physical and spiritual health.

Any other prosecutions under the Trade Practices Act that you'd like to file?


Blogger Boysenberry said...

I'd like to see some of these. Unfortunately, I think the "love, honour, and obey" would be protected by contract law. From very hazy memory, a contract taken out between husband and wife (de facto or de jure) is not binding.

10:11 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

oh shit yeah: the water board that cannot supply us with water.

and boysenberry is supported by the legal advice I had when I was abandoned by my husband, legal eagle said "oh you cannot hold anyone to a contract". WTF?

3:03 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

PS: I missed that news about Brighton Grammar, but its a weird school: lingerie parades with the mothers modelling, and a history of nutty students.
I know in the 1960's the school caned any boy who failed to attend Head of The River

3:05 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Not as weird as the Wellington Boys high school where the head master filmed his corporeal punishment. Something about getting the aerodynamics of the cane right. Sure!

6:59 pm  

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