Monday, August 21, 2006

so who is going to start the Spacejump now?

I have my “Spare Rib” diary for 1987. No longer was I a young chick living in London, but now I was a kiwi girl again fresh off the boat in Melbourne. Amidst the birthdays, temp jobs (all achingly boring paying a grand sum of between $9-10 per hour), session times that I am doing my bit as a phone councillor – are these bites of Melbourne culture:

Theatre: “As You Like It”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “Stop in the Name of Love”, “Laminex on the Rocks”, Playback Theatre

Comedy: Theatresports, Found Objects, The Front Lawn, the new comedy venue – The Prince Pat*

Meals: Tiamo, Rhumbarellas, Rosatis, Alaysia, Pelligrinis, Patee Thai, Shakahari

Movies: “Sylivia”, “Buckets of Blood”, “Crimes of the Heart”, “She’s Gotta Have It”, “Travelling North”, “Down By Law”, “Rita, Sue and Bob Too”

Bands: Eurythmics, The Bachelors from Prague (playing at Inflation of all places), The Jackie Wong All Star Love Band (at “the pub next to Charmaine’s” before it officially had the name The Punters Club on it’s shingle), Suzanne Vega, Elvis Costello

Workshops: Shiatsu, Body Awareness, Clowning

Shopping lists: extension cord, tamari, fetta, peanut butter, coffee

Picnics, lots of dinners, lunches and drinks

A haircut in a city salon costs $26, a float in the floatation tank at the health spa at the Hyatt costs $15 – I mean anyone who was anyone was going for a float!

* founded by this gorgeous man who drank too much at the opening of the fringe festival and came off second best to a truck – which leads me to a death notice: “McCarthy – Brian. Who’s going to start the spacejump now? You’ll always be our champion. Koy, Ann and Sqatsi”

So what were you doing in 1987?


Blogger Chai said...

Finishing Uni.

7:55 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

First half of 1987: regularly wondering where my husband was at 3am.
Second half of 1987: successfully stalking and continually attacking the homewrecking slag he ran away with.
It was a rockin year.

Re your interesting Deaths notice: I always love the ones where the inserter 'speaks' to the departed, as if the Herald-Sun is delivered in the hereafter and the deceased gets to READ it.

2:35 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Ah but Brian was a Theatre-sporter and the new champion of the alternative comedy scene in Melbourne. I spoke to him that day at fringe party in Brunswick St. He was rather gorgeous!

He's been immortalised in the comedy festival with an award named after his favourite beer. Kind of ironic as that was partially what killed him.

6:57 pm  
Blogger MelbourneGirl said...

1. wow, you knew about tamari back in '87. i am impressed.

2. tiamos. still going strong. love it.

3. alasya will maybe give you a bad case of food poisoning now. as well as rip you off.

4. flotation tanks. you know i have never ever come across anyone else, apart from you, me and my old boyfriend, who tried this. it was one of my life highlights. man.

as for 1987 generally, i was doing third year of my teaching course, angst-ridden on/offs with the flotation boy, meeting new people, new beginnings, it was exciting.

9:08 pm  
Blogger foodkitty said...

1987-mostly shit; miscarriage; Fiji; pregnant; hit with chair by supergran in accident and emergency @ 2am; end of psychiatry training; not drinking; bangles, U2 and young Kylie.

2:31 pm  

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