Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jack's list

Osama Bin Laden is banned from being contacted by Jack Thomas* according to a list drawn up by the Powers That Be. Who else should be on the list?

The tooth fairy – known for break and entering, likely homosexual, obvious deviant, hangs out with children while they are sleeping. Certainly that makes him a terrorist.

Santa Claus – the red suit is an obvious sign that the man in a communist. In this political climate all pinkos must be suspected of terrorism

John Howard – Jack is obviously a very bad, subversive man and we don’t want him tainting our pure PM.

Dead people** – they know what it’s like to be dead so have no fear of killing people.

David Hicks - he’s got lots of time on his hands hanging out at Guantanamo Bay, so he’d be happy to have a chat and share some recipes for explosives. We don’t want our scapegoats swapping stories, do we.

* Jack Thomas is the first Australian to be subjected to the new draconian anti-terrorist control orders. Despite having charges over ruled last week, the man is not free – despite there being no evidence to doubt his innocence. The hearing regarding his control order will resume on September 11 – now isn’t that an interesting coincidence.

** I'd like to say that I made that one up but the Government has named up to a dozen dead (or next to dead) people in the order against Thomas.


Blogger flying kiwi said...

I find the Jack Thomas order both fascinating and scary. I can't believe (except I can) that the government can get away with it.

12:33 am  
Blogger Boysenberry said...

Better not contact the Easter Bunny. JJ may try to subvert them to the "Muslims are breeding like rabbits" stance.

It's a form of punishment where a crime doesn't need to be proven. They can't prove he did/knew anything, but they know he did/knew something.

7:10 am  

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