Friday, August 04, 2006

dreams, nightmares and reality

I was in the garden looking over the fence at the neighbours, in some grey early morning light. They’d been partying all night, even in this winter weather – sitting in the backyard playing dance music and chatting loudly. Lots of laughter. We like happy people. But not at 3am. So I give up and go to work early and look for somewhere to have breakfast. I am walking down little Collins St but all the cafes are only open for coffee and chatting, not food. It’s time to start work and I still haven’t eaten. I’ve been up for hours.

Oh good. It was only a dream. I don’t have a grassed, sloping back yard. I live in a little terrace house with a courtyard. And my neighbours (I have 7 little courtyards that face the side of my house) wouldn’t be having an all night party on a Thursday night.

It is 3 o’clock. There is the thump, thump, thump of music. Happy amphetamine fuelled laughter and I am wide awake.

I think “calm blue ocean”. Pretend to not be awake. Tell myself not think of the time I had a birthday with a “0” at the end and partied to a similar time on a Tuesday night – probably when these guys were still in primary school.

I turn on the ABC, over night it has the plummy tones of the BBC – I plug the radio into my ear to drone out the background noise. Soon I am no longer aware of the music.

I’m at work. My colleague tells me we have to amalgamate offices, due to the shelling. I wonder how we do our jobs with all our clients in the same room. We are in Beruit and I remember in a previous war the building had been bombed. I wonder how the clients will feel coming back to a place that they may have been injured or their relatives killed? But then, Israel has declared it will bomb this city to smithereens, so what are we still doing here? We can’t get out. There is nowhere to go.

7am, the garbos are banging the bins and making too much noise.

No one’s laughing now.

Time to go to work.


Blogger Chai said...

You shouldnt go to sleep on a full stomach :-)

8:05 am  

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