Sunday, July 30, 2006

so where do you keep your sex toys?

Things I have found today while sorting out me underwear/stocking/sock drawers:

A wish doll made from strips of an old white pillowcase, fashioned into a man with a very large appendage

At least 50 unmatched socks and stocking

A curious poem about the precious gift inside us all, from an ex long after we broke up

The usual amount of old knickers with dubious elastic

A very old garter belt

A pregnancy test (1 of a packet of 2) expired Nov 2004

Purple pantyhose

A lavender eye mask

A silicone dolphin (with flat batteries)

A rabbit/pearl number in ivory


Anonymous zingtrial said...

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10:05 am  
Blogger Boysenberry said...

I sort my socks and jocks drawers the other day. Not quite as interesting as yours but:

Two unopen packest of condoms.

One open packet of condoms containing 7 condoms.

Many pairs of boxers that are nearing retirement.

Several pairs of jocks.

Many, many pairs of socks.

One odd sock.

One neon green mini bullet.

One roller massager, made from redgum.

4:40 pm  

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