Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random acts of public transport kindness

My peak hour tram showed no sign of coming, running late for work and clocking a couple of dozen disgruntled people standing at the stop I decided to hoof it a block or 2 away to the next line.

As I approached the intersection I spied a tram and ran across the busy road just before the lights turned green. This can be a tricky situation, the doors were shut and there was a timetable to adhere to. I smiled at the driver. He shrugged and motioned to the full-to-the-brim load he was carrying. I smiled even more hopefully, he opened the doors and I squeezed in to a tiny spot between the steps and his sectioned off seat.

He lamented how they’d been putting on too small and too few trams this week and he was sorry he’d had to leave so many commuters gnashing their teeth on these chilly mornings.

I should mention that he was also deliciously accented and rather good looking and despite the signs admonishing us to not talk the driver – was happy to chat as we wended our way down Brunswick Street.

I got off in the city and he cheerily yelled “Have a good day”

“You too “

Moral of the story – passengers with the biggest smiles, take the smallest spaces.

Mosaic, Ceres, East Brunswick


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