Thursday, July 27, 2006

a bit of blah

The long winter continues.

I know those who hail from the Northern Hemisphere are melting in a heatwave, but down South, things are rather cool and grey. Very dull.

As if I am solar powered I am not far off grinding to a total halt. I have shoe horned myself out the door a few times this week to walk to work, instead of catching the tram. And yes, exercise does help. But on a non-work day I just want to hibernate.

The houseful of kitties is a good excuse to hang around the home. Stay still long enough and one will curl up on my lap or sneak up on the bed like some kind of heat seeking missile. All four of them are unhappy in their own way – the ungracious hostess, the tolerant guests. While there is no out and out cat war happening, they still don’t exactly love the new situation.

The not-boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to let them mingle last night. This is the person who has habitually locked his 3 up in the laundry every night for years. Against my better judgement I acquiesced, so instead of just my unhappy cat waking us up at some dark hour with a lamentable cry, there were 2 crying at different times and an assortment of bells and name tags jingling while each one in turn tried out for the feline sprint team up and down the corridor.

Broken sleep does not a happy human make.

So while there is a puddle of great ire towards the continued occupation of Iraq, the fact David Hicks is still illegally incarcerated 4.5 years after he was kidnapped by the Americans and Israel is not only bombing innocent neighbours out of existence – but now is starting in on UN peacekeepers…I’ve been finding it easier to remember first dates and write about other fishy things instead.

Looking forward to spring.

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Anonymous the"not-boyfriend" from hell said...

I prefer to be referred to as PL (polyamorous lover), rather than "not-boyfriend".

thanks & love

11:41 am  

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