Thursday, February 09, 2006

thursday quickie

The senate got something right for a change. Despite the huffing and puffing, commonsense has prevailed and the “RU486 bill” has been passed, however topsy turvily in the upper house before the lower. The fundamentalists tried to hijack it to be an issue about abortion, when all it is about is who is the proper authority to decide whether it is safe for doctors to prescribe it. But what does it say about our legislative system when there is more discussion about the legitimacy of a ministerial veto, than on say, the massive industrial relations legislation swept through with unseemly haste last December?

It’s official – 24 hour McGuirevision at channel 9. The good news is the little ray of sunshine will now have to move to Sydney to keep his hand on the tiller.

But even better, guess who is now NOT moving to Sydney, thanks to a second round offer to study at a worthy Melbourne institution!


Blogger Chai said...

U know, I am quite surprised that it got this far. That JH is an evil man. Am happy for your good news.

12:43 am  
Blogger Lucy Tartan said...

hooray for second round offers and two cheers for the Senate as well.

11:11 pm  
Blogger Susanne said...

It is interesting to see where the priorities of politicians lie.

I'm all for anything that makes it easier for women to have abortions if they need to, particularly after watching last night's 'Compass', where Australian women told of how they had to administer abortions on themselves(!), or be declared insane before they were allowed to have a 'legal' one.

3:08 pm  

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