Wednesday, February 08, 2006

come back fruit of the loom, all is forgiven

Old news, but still recent in the world of herald scum freebie ‘mx’…

Did you hear about the aussie entrepreneur who thought it was a good idea to make mens underwear impregnated with vitamins and essential oils?

Those who spruik it claim that the undies contain
”..either Acerola (Vitamin C) or Ginseng which have energising, regenerating properties…(which) is going to give the guy a sensation and experience,,."

Perhaps cayenne pepper would be more invigorating?

Really, other than as a counterirritant (substances that piss the skin off) do the guys buying it actually believe that the vitamin or herb is going to be absorbed into their butt cheeks and give them a sense of wellbeing?

Sales are booming in the States, but flagging at home. Fancy that, we have a nation of bright cookies after all.


Blogger muse said...

I'm trying to come back with a witty remark, but the sheer idea of this product surpasses anything sarcastic that I could come up with... LOL

8:48 am  
Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

They referred to metrosexuals a few times in the article.

Without wanting to cast aspertions on anyone I concluded that your sexuality would need to be a little more 'tweaked' than mere 'metro' to form an interest in these thingies.

Men's underwear are almost always uncomfortable, that's the real issue...

12:09 pm  
Blogger R H said...

I had y-fronts for years. Then I changed to those new age little tarzan briefs. They put my knackers in a bloody vice!
And I had to rummage around to find the top of them, and pull it down when I wanted a piss.
Stupid fashion. All show no go.

Now percy's back in his little pocket.
Nothing beats Y-fronts.

2:54 pm  
Anonymous yoyoboy said...

I have agonised over a decision for weeks, and it came to a head this morning when I could not decide whether or not to enrol in a course. But these underpants changed my life. I put a pair on and smelling like a men's locker room I sprinted down Chapel St to the college,only to find I had missed the deadline for enrollement!. If not for the noxious fumes emanating from my underwear I would have been dead in the water. As it turns out I was noticed by an off duty art teacher who was mesmorised by the smell coming from my groin. I explained to her that if they did not let me enrol I would have to move to a city where I did not want to live, get rid of my cats, exist in total poverty for three years and leave the woman I love. On bended knees and with my undies ablaze in stench I begged her to reconsider and let me enrol...and she did! Now I can put months of indecision behind me and move on with my life...all because of these underpants. They have saved me, my cats and my girlfriend from a fate worse than death, and I will never take them off again. Ever.

4:39 pm  

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