Tuesday, January 17, 2006

we need an Australia card

...like we need a hole in our head.

ATTORNEY-General Philip Ruddock is doing little Johnny's dirty work for him, flying this old favourite which was severely dumped by the electorate last century.

A bit like Americans blaming Saddam for September 11, our government is hinting that an national ID card would stop acts of internal terrorism, like last year's London bombing. Wrong. These guys were citizens and happy to be identified, afterall they were only taking this journey one way. An ID card would not have stopped the event.

What does the government (and other allied powers) really want to do with all our personal information? In this era of outsourcing could such precious data be trusted to a large corporation to manage? With the upper and lower Houses of Parliament run by the same mob, what chance do we have of defeating this civil liberty endangering notion?

But something odd is going on in Canberra. Perhaps on holidays some of the polies actually *gasp* start thinking for themselves? Strangely liberal MP's and Senators seem to be revolting. The Defence minister, Robert Hill, finds the whole ID card thing dubious and alarming. What's more there is a whole heap of women in power who are getting miffed at the party's own child-care policies (and Jacqui used to one of Johnny's best mates when he used her as a poster girl for working women.)

*Sniff sniff* Costello is siding with the girls. And the ID card? Is this the year little Pete creates enough division in the ranks and makes his run for power?


Blogger DJ said...

Aw now c'mon, you know an ID card would be just the thing we need.... to turn us into an obedient society. Heck just look at Singapore as a fine example of how effective a national ID card system can work.

Rest assured I'll be shredding mine and sending it back in the mail, one shred per envelope. Reply paid of course.

12:39 pm  

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