Monday, January 02, 2006

some good news

2006 is getting off to a good start. Not only have I had 10 hours sleep and fully recovered from that New Year Shabby feeling, but little Johnny and his mate The Shrub are starting the year a tad tarnished.

A Newspoll survey last week showed that across the board Aussie voters are getting pissed off with the government’s decision to send troops to Iraq. Even his own camp is deserting him as it showed “fewer than half of Coalition supporters now believe the Iraq war was worth it”.

In the US The Shrub still can’t seem to shake last month’s revelation that 'he can bug anyone’s homes that he wants to and bugger the protocol'. The poor man can’t understand why people are quibbling over the legality of the whole affair after all ”We’re at War” he says.

In the meantime in an attempt to make him look like a good guy again he has spent New Year’s day visiting soldiers, mostly wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a Texan army medical centre. I am sure the amputees and badly damaged amongst them would have found his witty speech very comforting.

The president had a two-inch scratch across the left side of his brow.

"As you can probably see I was injured myself, not here at the hospital but in combat with a cedar," Bush quipped. "I eventually won."

The soundbite, which I awoke to on ABC Newsradio,was better as in his usual eloquent style it is studded with ums and hesitations as he laboured towards his punchline. He really shouldn’t be allowed out in public while his speech writer is on holiday.

Johnny on the other hand is remaining mercifully silent.


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