Monday, January 30, 2006

the high road

4WDs, you either love them or hate them.

I am in the latter camp and am heartened to find I am not alone. On The Continent, eco vigilantes are finding an effective way of sharing their displeasure – by deflating the tires of these ugly, gas guzzling, unsafe vehicles. They may have turned it into a sport, competing to see who can let down the most tyres in a night, but at least they are polite. A note is left on the windscreen to tell the owners they are selfish motherfuckers what has happened and why.

A SMH article highlights the common stupidity that afflicts some drivers with more money than sense and a misguided belief in status. But trying to explain this to a mother of 2 who is a self confessed bad driver how driving one of these makes her less safe on the road, tends to fall on deaf ears.

Let’s just see how good they are at changing tyres. Or come to that, do they even know where their spare tyre is?

Ironically, a flat tyre or 4 is no issue for a true off road 4x4 owner. There will be a compressor in the back to pump them up. An essential piece of equipment for any legitimate driver of these kinds of vehicles.

So who’s up for a bit of sport?

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Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

I assume you'll leave Territories like ours alone, given they don't suffer the loss-of-control issues of the bigger 4x4s, and have better cyclist-and-pedestrian spotting viz than sedans and small cars.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I'm sure your's is fuel efficent and would never run over a toddler, and of course you guys go off road regularly but never disturb the fauna and flora.

2:58 pm  
Blogger R H said...

I don't know where you live Miss Outspoken (to your great relief) but I was in Douglas Parade Williamstown today and noticed that the local health food store is boasting about it's Byron Bay Ginger Nectar. I know you like that sort of thing, and thought you may be interested in this fact, even as gossip.
We chaps do like a natter, you know.

All the same, I don't really know why I bother helping you like this, considering the very unkind things you say about The Lord.

But then again (just on the quiet) I don't really care. If nothing bad were ever said, I'd be worried.

6:02 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

Love the poster thanks for finding it for me to see.
I agree absolutely about those road monsters. If one is parked near a residential intersection, it is impossible to see oncoming traffic.
LandRover is to blame for starting it.
Love your new gravatar.

6:29 pm  
Blogger Justine said...

generally dislike them, but it escalates to pure hate if they're in the 'right' suburb.

10:28 pm  
Anonymous gasguzzler said...

Well clearly as one north shore mum has a 4WD and admits to being a bad driver that must mean that all people who own 4WD's are fucking stupid. Especially the mum's with kids, as you point out. They are all brainless idiots who probably should not drive at all, much less drive a 4WD. And of course they are different to you, so that especially means they must be stupid. Therefore I agree with you...lets force all the stupid soccermums with 4WD's to sell them and buy something practical, or preferably not drive at all.

While we are in the process of changing things for the better, I propose that we get rid of the cats as well. Let's give them a painless death and get them out of our lives once and for all. They serve no valuable purpose, keep us up late with their stupid fights at 3.00am, kill over 200,000 native birds and mammals every year in Australia alone, show no interest in their owners except at mealtimes, spread disease and cause allergic reactions in humans and shit all over the municipality. Like 4WD's, cats have no place in a thinking society. I especially despise them when they are in the 'right' suburb.

12:52 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

It is interesting when people read a post (or a SMH article) and think its about them. Gasguzzler may indeed be living on the north shore and own a 4x4 (who knows, S/he has no profile or any blogsite he is owning up to). He may choose such a vehicle instead of say, a tarago, to carry a battalion of children around. He may be married to someone, like the article profiled, be a really bad driver and think by getting a bigger car they are solving the problem. He may be a bad driver himself. He may think that he is a special case - that there are many valid reasons for having a car that uses more fuel and emits more greenhouse gases than is necessary for the task. He may think its ok for our country to support the invasion of Iraq in order to liberate more oil inorder to continue to drive his chosen vehicle. Hell, gasguzzler could ever be american.

All we do know, is that he doesn't like cats. That really enriches the debate.

rh - thanks for the ginger spotting. As I don't believe the lord exists (like santa and the tooth fairy) I can't be hurting his feelings by my musings, can I? If I am wrong and an almighty does indeed exist and I am to be judged on my death, I already have an admission ticket to where I am going :)

8:12 am  
Blogger R H said...

You are welcome. RH is always thinking of others.

And forgive me, but I can't afford anymore controversy right now because it interferes too much with my present career as a poet. But may I say that a good sign of personal integrity is how much respect you have for other people. For example, I would never write Buddha as buddha. Or Hindu as hindu. Or Allah as allah. And I know you're trying hard to be clever, but I would never equate any of them with the tooth fairy. Because it would hurt the feelings of people who worship them.
Whether to use lower or higher case letters in this regard is a deliberate conscious choice.
A decided attitude.
And so your respect and concern for the planet is admirable, of course. But its condition, and the condition of all our fellow creatures, is ever dependant on the state of the human soul.

You have a ticket to where you will end up? Good. Well some people I encounter are already there. Maybe you are too. I'm not sure.

(No controversy. Please)

10:07 am  
Anonymous gasguzzler said...

As it happens I do live on the North Shore. I not only own a 4WD but I own a european luxury 4WD. It has never been used for any type of off road driving in the 3 years we have had it. It is used exclusively to ferry the kids to and from school and to transport shopping from the local mall back to our house. It is expensive to insure, consumes vast quantities of gasoline, and presents a clear and present danger to other drivers and pedestrians. It is also mostly driven by my wife who I do not consider to be a particularly good driver. On the positive side it has tremendous badge value and is in keeping with the socio economic profile of our suburb. It also suggests to the other mums that we have money behind us and truly 'belong' in this area, despite the fact that both my wife and I come from working class backgrounds. For these reasons alone it is more than justified.

11:26 am  
Blogger R H said...

So what do I get? Very brief thanks for the ginger spotting, and a big mouthful about The Lord. Well golly me, people like you make me want to go out and buy a four wheel drive.

3:06 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

rh -as you can see i write my own name with lower case, america etc, your lord is no different. But as you don't want controversy, I will not get started in a disjointed dialogue about if there is a god, is s/he just a part of ourselves? Sorry. As for not writing more, i do have to unshackle self from computer and go to work occaisioanlly.

gasguzzler - great profile. Most honest thing i've seen written in comments for a long time. But don't you ever just want to shove it up them sometimes and see if you really belong (or indeed do they? Of do you really want to belong to them?). Ever get the urge to just leave your job, become a hippy/artist for a while?

6:06 pm  
Blogger Lucy Tartan said...

I thought I already shoved my oar in here - seems not - I was knocked off my bike three years ago by a woman pulling out of the pick-up zone in front of the local school, in a Discovery, they must have very good shock absorbers because the lollipop dude had to flag her down to get her to stop. My knee is still buggered up. Four wheel drives - NOT a fan.

8:33 am  
Anonymous gasguzzler said...

Yes, I have given a lot of thought to dropping out of the mainstream, taking up an art course, and using my dubious talent to make controversial left wing statements about american imperialism and the repression of minorities. But I would have to move to Melbourne to accomplish this. Just could not see it working on the north shore...

9:24 am  
Blogger R H said...

Well I've thought of dropping out of the shit-creek-stream to study and become a professor - just to find out what postmodernism means.

-That is of course, if my present career as a poet doesn't take off.

And right now it ain't looking good!

(Loving you all
Spring Summer
And Fall)

PS: And winter too.

2:05 pm  

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