Tuesday, January 24, 2006

and we think our mob in Canberra are weird

I must have slept through this thrilling piece of TransTasman news last year, but it is so stunning it is worth a belated mention. The National Party of New Zealand, currently in long term opposition, appointed a spokesman for the eradication of political correctness. Last October Wayne Mapp officially became the party’s Political Correctness Eradicator, kind of like the Terminator but with even less of a sense of humour.

New Zealand has been the land of the long white black, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, disabled, immigrant whale for some time and ‘ordinary folk’ seem to be getting sick of it. Sick of multiculturalism, ‘gay marriage’, Rastafarians in parliament. Yup, the whole shaboodle.

So what is the spokesman actually speaking out about? The banning of Agapanthus. With such a massive portfolio, from my frenzied googling, it appears the protection of common garden plants has been one of his first important missions.

I wait eagerly for the news any day now of who the national party will be appointing as shadow minister of Silly Walks.


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