Sunday, January 01, 2006

..and a happy new year

I have peaked far too early this morning. After 4 hours of sweat soaked sleep I staggered out of bed for large quantities of chilled mineral water and a mango. I remembered that somewhere in the house I had a fan. I plugged it in and listened to Michael Moore read from Stupid White Men and dozed back to sleep for a while. Got up, found a couple of delicious, buttery croissants I had thoughtfully stashed in the freezer a few weeks back. Heated them to the perfect temperature and consumed with homemade plum jam and a strong black coffee.

This photo shows the scene of the crime at sunset 31.12.05. At 8pm the thermometer had dropped less than 1 degree which meant I cycled in 42c heat. Very dumb. But I arrived in time to admire the new rooftop garden and see the sun go down on Melbourne for the last time in the year. A collective sigh was uttered, then earnest cocktail making* ensued. As darkness fell the little rooftop held so many people that it caused palpitations for the owner/architect, who sat getting paler in the corner. The city kindly put on 2 fireworks shows throughout the night for our amusement and very pretty it was. Sometime early in the new year some festive cookies were bought out and more merriment was had by all.

I do not have chrystal clear recollection of the trip home along the bike paths. I remember the slight breeze made the journey more pleasant than struggling through the inferno earlier. It was still darn hot and groups of happy people could be seen lounging in the cool grass on various traffic islands, who sent their greetings to the lone cyclist wending home many hours into the new day.

The cool change is coming. Bed beckons, I think it's time for a bit of a lie down.

Hope your year got off to a pleasant start.

*Cosmopolitan: Take huge quantities of good quality vodka, add half as much cointreau and the same measure of cranberry. Squeeze as many limes as you are able to. Add ice. Stir. Consume by the jug full.


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