Sunday, December 18, 2005

santarchy in the UK antipodes

And we think we have rioting idiot problems of our own of late? Spare a thought for yuletide rampages, kiwi style. The New Zealand Herald reports a "gang" of drunken santas stormed through Auckland streets yesterday - tagging buildings, stealing beer, brawling and generally making intoxicated arses of themselves.

This was not some local, impromptu event, on the contrary it was organised with a clear mission statement.

The event's organiser, Alex Dyer, warned of trouble earlier in the day, saying the antics would only be stopped when someone was arrested. Santarchy, he said, was a worldwide phenomenon designed to dismantle the commercialisation of Christmas.

Sounds like the 'event' was well workshopped. Hopefully none will be popping on their sleighs to share some tips with the Cronulla boys.

(image not actually of kiwi santarchist, just some other pisshead in a red suit, err hat)


Blogger Chai said...

This one is *way* more distressing.

10:44 pm  

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