Friday, December 23, 2005

lazy post

I have been up since before dawn running around like a blue arsed fly* and I'm not even celebrating xmas this year (being a nulliparous pagan whore and all), so today's treat is my favourite piece of graffiti (did you know the singular is in fact graffito?)...gee this is a really long sentence.

* translation for non-Antipodeans "a person who is a tad busy"

Paddington, Sydney, circa 1982 (taken with an instamatic camera)


Blogger LisaPal said...

Great picture! Looks like something you'd see in New Orleans.

6:47 am  
Blogger Iain said...

where has all of the wit gone from grafftti ? sadly nothing more recent than your picture seems to have any sense of fun at all bring back BUGGER UP !!!!

9:05 am  

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