Wednesday, December 21, 2005

jargon du jour

On RRR this morning, the delightful summer breakfaster Richard Watts interview with some woman from Kennet’s depression institute.

“the problem is when you are depressed you aren’t usually proactive in socialising”.

Christ woman, say it how it is - you can’t get off the fucking couch for days, let alone leave the house to “socialise”.

Ok, had better be proactive in fiscal interaction now (in other words its time to go and earn some money, sheesh is that the time? What am I doing blogging when I its my last day work for the year?)


Blogger Brownie said...

She is merely confirming our suspicions that Beyond Blue (and all the rest) are only 'being SEEN to care' about depressives, and actually know diddlysquat about it. FUNDING has been given and people lucky to have a job, waddle about quacking and hosting seminars. The week between Christmas and New Year is well documented as the worst time of all for depressed people. My psychiatrist was on holidays when phoned in total desperation one New Year. What was 'the desperation'? - I thought I would commit murder when husband (now ex, and who had returned to me after living with another woman) said on NYE (after I had got a babysitter) that he was taking HER out because 'I owe her that at least'. WTF!? I planned double homicide, rang psych in a moment of rationality . . etc.

10:59 am  
Blogger Justine said...

Whatever I was about to say was just obliterated by my guts wrenching from what Brownie wrote.
That's fucking terrible Brownie, I'm sorry to hear it.

Oh yeah - depression. Jeff wifebeater Kennett felt sorry for himself a few times, but was functional enough to do all this great stuff to Victoria. Not the worst case of depression a person can encounter.

11:26 am  
Blogger DC said...

My partner has depression - has had for many years.

For me, it is horrible, that Kennet could sell off so much of Victoria's infrastructure, and in doing so, increase the financial pressures people faced, increasing depression in society, and then go on to champian the cause of depression. Like he created his own market for his services...

My partner supports SANE, which from their newsletter/site seems to be doing good.

12:25 pm  
Blogger R H said...

Yes, it's a big joke. And Piggy Kirner's poker machines have created their own market too. Governments continue making dough from a gambling disaster like this, then offer 'counselling'.
It's worthless.
Boofhead Kennet sold off everything. Mental hospitals became housing estates. Now he blabbers on about depression. What a crook. The mental hospitals weren't much good - holding pens, that's all, but at least these poor souls got somewhere to live for a while, and a bed to sleep in.

3:50 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Kennet caused many of us to be depressed during his reign, I have always found him most insincere fronting in his current role. Not sure about SANE but BB is heavily funded by drug companies. How can you be unbiased about treatment "options" under such circumstances. They are major sponsors of most "disease organisations" which goes to show just how slack the government has become.

Brownie hope you have a wonderful NY this year and personally am pleased you are not languishing in prison somewhere :)

6:33 pm  
Blogger DC said...

"BB is heavily funded by drug companies. How can you be unbiased about treatment "options" under such circumstances."

The way pharmaceutical companies capitalise on depression with medications, always gives me the shits. (Like the way there always seems to be a new toothbrush on the market, but never a 25 hr work week or a fairer distribution of wealth.)

I suspect the medications only cover the underlying causes of depression (and anxiety - which is my issue).

I met a guy who talked of depression as caused by the "never ending distress" of our lives - the effects of the noise, stress, pace, uncaring nature, unsupportive relationships, the stupidity of our society.

For me, although the medications increase the seratonin levels/uptake, they just seem a way to mask the effects of depression and anxiety rather than address the underlying causes - the uncaring society.


Two ideas my partner and I did find useful in working with our depression and anxiety are:

Highly Sensitive People ( )and the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (

I like the MBTI because it seems to explain a lot about our drivers, and help us work out why bits of our lives aren't working for us.

Anyways, I've rambled enough. Hope they ideas are of some use to you.

6:49 am  

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