Sunday, December 25, 2005

i won!

Like Nora on her trusty bike I have just cycled home through inner city Melbourne streets on a summers night. The fact that this evening is unseasonably cool and damp need not detract from the fairy tale aspect of this tale. I have been to a Christmas eve party with close friends. People I have spent many formative years with, shared too many bottles of champagne, various substances, tears and laughter. It is fitting on such a night to reminisce about my favourite book.

Ah but I did all that last week, and tonight morning, I have discovered I have won a prize. I don’t care how immodest that sounds, but I will jump up and down and say my words have been appreciated, even if my choice of favourite book was not a popular, intellectual or classic.

Ok chickadees am heading off to bed. My thoughts are with those friends who have snuck home to wrap up presents while children sleep. My mum used to do this each 24 of December evening, while my father took us for a ride on the cable car and lolly buying at James Smith’s ‘pick’n mix’ counter. Whatever your ritual is may you enjoy this day for what it is. And if you hate it – say fuck ‘em and resolve to do it your way next year :)


Blogger Chai said...

Fantastic! The thrill of winning. Cant beat it. Have a merry Xmas and hope u get a lot of cool pressies.

7:50 am  
Blogger R H said...

Yes, and I've said some nice things about you to Mister Larvartus. How good of me. Indeed. Now then, I have nothing but contempt for people who look for praise, and who send others out to stoke it up! I despise them!- the dirty dogs!
All the same, I'm not one for telling people what to do. So if you ever get the slightest urge to say nice things about me go right ahead.

9:38 pm  
Blogger Justine said...


10:09 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

..and happy end of the year to you too your highness

11:20 am  
Blogger Brownie said...

Congratulations Rantsy. Your description of the book almost makes me want to read it...I have always found Carlton to be a bit creepy, but I do admire Helen Garner.
My own share house experiences were Paddington 1968 hippies dope cucaraches Blind Faith Iron Butterfly, The Transylvania Cafe, Centennial Park.
Miss Laura is pretty damn cool, is she not?

9:21 pm  
Blogger Pavlov's Cat said...

'Not popular, intellectual or classic'?

Don't be too sure about that -- it was regarded as all three when it was first published in 1977 (I think). It was an absolute cult hit in Melbourne and stayed on the bestseller list for weeks and weeks. It won prizes. It got talked about all over the country.

And (this is particularly ironic in the light of events immediately post-First Stone) it was one of the first identifiably feminist novels in Australia, not just because of its sexually independent heroine but also because it focused on women's emotional and domestic lives, as though those things were important and worth writing about, in a way that simply had not been done before. Those who attacked Garner most ferociously over *The First Stone* either didn't know her earlier work at all, or did a lot of very deliberate negative revisionism on it at that point.

So there's no need at all to downplay your choice of book! (At least not to those of us whose adult memories go back as far as 1977 ...)

11:28 pm  

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