Wednesday, December 14, 2005


David Hicks, Australia’s own citizen being held without trial by the US government in their concentration camp in Cuba, has attained the legal right to become a British citizen. The UK High Court finally ruled on this yesterday and now Blair and his cohorts are in a bit of a pickle. Hick’s mother being English, gave him a right to apply for a British passport, which had initially been blocked by officials. Due to an agreement between the UK and US governments, Hicks should technically be released from Guantanamo Bay, once his citizenship is conferred.

First Hicks may have to renounce his Australian citizenship in order for his mother’s country to take him under their win – but what loss is that to him? Little Johnny and his mates have done nothing for him in the 4 years he has been kept without charge, tortured and abused by an allied nation.

I may loose my lefty credentials here by saying I have no idea if the guy is innocent of the claims that he has been involved in terrorism. I do not know if he is a threat to those who have invaded Islamic countries. But I do know that 4 years without trial, extraordinary rendition, torture and inhuman conditions is neither legal in this country nor humanely just.

God save the Queen the Blur

(cos no one will save Australia)


Blogger flying kiwi said...

If Australia can't get him to trial maybe Britain can. Whether he's guilty or not, he has a right to be treated humanely. But, on the news last night: "Hicks is the only Westerner still held at Guantanamo" - once he's gone, and it's only non-Westerners, will the Western world even care about Guantanamo Bay anymore?

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