Saturday, December 03, 2005


Foreign minister Alexander Downer on the execution of Van Nguyen:
”I feel very pained about this case.” source

“I think when this case is over, some goodwill can come out of a truly sad and tragic event, assuming that Van Nguyen is actually executed, and that is because this controversy has involved Australia, it has generated a great deal of publicity and a great deal of anxiety internationally. I would like to feel that as a result of this, at least in the future, Singapore would reconsider its system of capital punishment and the emotion that executing people evokes in the community.” source

On the sentencing to death by firing squad of convicted Bali bomber Imam Samudr:
“The Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, said the conviction and sentence demonstrated the determination of the Indonesian Government to pursue terrorists "and we welcome that".” source


Blogger guru Rex said...

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Blogger guru Rex said...

Abso-fuckin-lutely!!! The two faced evil toad, Downer, has ensured Singaporeans will treat Australia's outrage at Capital punishment with the contempt it deserves.

11:14 am  

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