Wednesday, December 07, 2005

another kind of downer

I was going to have a moan.

The political system is alarming me.

I am decidedly unfestive in this season.

The short break the other week only made me aware of how stressed I am.

Tinges of depression have been taking me for a dance.

Oh and my lover may be on the verge of moving interstate (if not in the next month or 2, then its only a temporary stay of execution).

On top of that it is the dead siblings birthday.

So I go to the sad place for a reality check. 33 years is much better than 33 hours, or less.

I wrote in a previous post about the ‘baby stones’ at Melbourne Cemetery. A heart breaking place at the best of times.

So this is today’s journey of perspective.

so loved so wanted

we were not able to name or hold you, but our hearts will forever ache for you

never seen. never held never forgotten



Blogger Chai said...


11:24 pm  
Blogger Iain said...

grief at such a loss is truely discribed by this aphorism
For those who know ,no explination is necessary and for those who don't know no explination is possible

3:29 pm  

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