Tuesday, November 29, 2005

salt and sand

I took the Guru and my new, wonderful Sills Bend messenger bag (the one with the convenient map under the flap) to the coast for a long weekend. Three days in Apollo Bay, with just enough sunshine to not feel cheated that it was not really bathing season yet. For those not in Victoria I will point out that meteorologically speaking this is a week that will be bookended by days touching 30c, the ones we were at the beach only just tickled the high teens. And it did not matter one iota.

This had all the hallmarks of a perfect Bridget Jones mini-break. A seaside town. A pokey but clean budget motel room. Sand beneath the toes. Pleasing food. A night sky carpeted with bright stars.

I turned my mobile phone off. I left my watch at home. I forgot what a computer was (well not really but I felt no lure of the keyboard).

Three days is just long enough to allow tense city muscles to begin to relax. It is a goodly amount of space to reacquaint yourself with a lover who has been doing other things of late. It is just barely enough to inspire dreams of moving to a modest shack on the hill over looking the coast and start a new career.

But it has taken only 24 hours on return, for the beginnings of a migraine to tease the edges of my brain (darn the 2 days of drinking coffee, I still haven't learnt!) so if you want to read another take on the break (cross promotion warning) continue over here.

May your dreams tonight be infused with the scent of the sea. Goodnight.


Blogger guru Rex said...

Yes, and a wonderful break it was. My toes haven't touched the ground since the weekend. Stress levels back to normal, dear oh dear ...

10:57 am  

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