Tuesday, November 08, 2005

pass the caviar

Was your last prescription determined by the quality of the seafood platter?

Doctors are revolting. No longer will they put up with inferior finger food at junkets professional seminars provided by pharmaceutical companies. They have demanded a return to the halcyon days of fine food and wine. And rightly so.

For the past 3 years Medicines Australia, the cartel peak body representing drug companies, has applied a code of conduct (no doubt under pressure from the uppity public) forcing members to supply only “simple and modest” victuals to the doctors they are trying to woo. But those sparse days are about to end if a leaked revised code has its way.

The Association has complained that doctors have voted with their feet and no longer turn up to hear the wonders of the latest whiz bang drug since fois gras was off the menu.

John Gullotta, president of the AMA (NSW), explained “Doctors work long hours and if they go out after surgery they expect a decent venue. A lot of them won't go, after working a long day, to a sub-standard venue."

The poor dears.

But for the public its will now be the case once more that the biggest prawn wins, even if there might be a more appropriate therapeutic option available.


Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

My sympathy goes out to the poor doctors, working such long hours for such terrible pay. Just think how much worse off they will be with the IR changes!

9:34 pm  

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