Sunday, November 06, 2005

hopes and fears

Back from the protest. Great speeches. Had tears in my eyes at time. I am so bloody mad with this government and their cronies. I will not be silenced. (But if I do disappear for a couple of weeks I wont be able to tell you who took me or why).

Came home fired up and hot under the collar (its over 30c again) to read the Sunday Age. If it had been the first of April I would have passed it off as a sick joke. But no, slimebag Cheney has made a touching plea to his fellow Republican senators to exempt the CIA from US laws on torture. Yes that’s right, they want to legally torture suspects in the name of fighting so called terrorism (rather than taking them off to other countries who don’t have such beliefs to torture them there). In reality its just a rubber stamp on a policy already enacted.

NPR has a great interview with an ex White House staffer who has blown the lid on the US contravening the Geneva Convention in Iraq. Larry Wilkinson, presented strong evidence that the trail leads back to VP Cheney encouraging ‘in carefully couched terms’ ways of gathering intelligence in the field getting around the international code.

I have faith that one day Cheney will be tried and prosecuted for the war crimes he has committed, in the name of amassing further personal wealth and power.

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Ok time to have a cold shower now, or vomit…or both.

PS: instead of commenting, just turn up at the protests next time - each apathetic no show gives the rodent tacit approval of his policies in Iraq, on anti terrorism legislation and erosion of other values most Australians hold dear. It's time to stand up and be counted, before it is too late.


Blogger Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

nice blog. thanks

5:26 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I don't quite know what to say when a jesuit drops by and comments on my vitreol about war crimes and calls it nice. But Jeff, if you genuinely did read my blog, perhaps there are a few posts on the catholic church I welcome you to read and comment on.

6:26 pm  
Blogger Magical_M said...

Encouraged by an email from the MEAA, I sent off a red wine induced email to our dear PM last week.

I can't really remember what I wrote but I have a suspicion it may earn me a two week holiday at some point.

Or at the very least an ASIO file.

7:01 pm  
Blogger Chai said...

I am now feeling quite ashamed that I didnt go (only found out at 2pm). Next one. How does one find out about when the next one is? And would turning up be considered seditious?

8:30 pm  
Blogger guru Rex said...

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11:30 am  
Blogger guru Rex said...

It was great to hear the speakers, but I agree with AOF about the poor turn out. Very disappointing, but not unexpected: Australians are and always have been greedy, racists and self interested.

Another thing that pissed me off and is a great help to the rodent and his cohorts of the corporate elite is the factionalism of the opposition. And I don’t mean the ALP, who is in reality the other half of the Liberal big business coalition. I refer to the socialist left: Socialist Alternative, Socialist Equality Party etc, etc, etc.

I spoke to a number of their representatives at the march who were handing out leaflets and suggested that they should really think about forming a broad left revolutionary alliance to oppose the terrorist rodents in our midst, especially given legislation currently being passed. But no, these guys hate each other more than the rodent. They are more concerned about theoretical position on Cuba and Venezuela than the atrocities that are happening in our own back yard. I suggested that surely you have more in common than differences, at least enough to form a united opposition. NAH! But come to this meeting and hear why when the rubble settles we will be chosen to lead the revolution. Sounds to me like a bloody effective Capitalist plot to divide and rule!

11:33 am  
Anonymous FCPF said...

What were they protesting about this time? Why dont they go out and get jobs like the rest of us...then they wouldnt have the time to complain about the legitimate steps that have been taken to protect our population.
Look at 9/11...look at New Orleans (it's been proven that this too was the work of Muslim extremists). Bird Flu as well. Do we want these things happening here? Rather than 'protest', these people should thank the Almighty that they are Australians and can express alternative points of stark contrast with the subjugated people who live in the 'Axis of Evil'. Try taking your 'protests' to the streets in Iran or North Korea, and see how far you get...

11:49 am  
Blogger Brownie said...

first I thought fcpf was being funny.
how did muslims cause a hurricane?
just because Korean protestors get shot doesn't mean WE cannot protest.

since fcpf mentions them causing bird flu - I can only thank them, because next Feb it will be a very silly duckshooter indeed, who gets anywhere near a bird. so they won't. thank god.

3:52 pm  

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