Thursday, September 22, 2005

smart card

A while back one of the big credit companies started advertising some flash new card, which had a chip or something in it and was meant to open a whole new world of shopping possibilities. Or maybe not. I tend to tune out during ads of all kinds, so quite possibly I just imagined it.

What I would like is a very smart card. One that can spit warnings if i was about to make a retail boo boo: These would include anytime i was inclined to:

• buy any clothing that is yellow. I am having flashbacks to when I was 16 I spent my hard earned cash on a shiny, bright yellow pair of trousers. The friend I shopped with at the time hadn’t been too enthusiastic about them, but I thought, “What does she know!?” Hmmm

• go spending up large after caffeine. I periodically eschew coffee and after a memorable 6 weeks off that delicius drug, went out to breakfast, drank a long black and then went shopping. You know those films with a bipolar character who during a manic episode goes mad with the plastic…well at least I didn’t believe I was superwoman and think I could fly.

• buy more than one book at a time. Books are like children and you can’t have favourites, but inevitably you do, by choosing one to read first. The second, once exciting, purchase then tends to sit unread by my bed for months.

• buying books full stop. It has to be very special, non fiction (unless its for holidays) and I must promise to cull the bookshelves first. (my study now has knee high piles of books with no where to put them and that’s after I gave away a big box full)

• impulse plant purchases. unless I am committed to weeding the garden that day to find a space to put them. Nothing sadder than seeing a dead stick in a pot that waited in vain for months to be planted.

• buy anything with a cat motif, for myself, no matter how cute it looks. The real live Princess Prissy Paws is more than enough.

Sadly the things I really need to spend bucks on are woefully mundane, but beyond the confines of my current credit limits: A new roof (ceiling now threaten to fall in where the flashing has come away from the rusted corrugated iron), a lot of work bills (the joys of being a macro business), a functional kitchen. So perhaps the smart card I really need is something more akin to a gizmo in a Harry Potter novel.


Blogger muse said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Lisa's (, and I think I'm going to love reading your posts! :)

I _loved_ this line in your profile:

grass roots politics
(not just the sit on your arse and moan about it kind)

I nodded and went "yes!".

BTW, LOL at the book buying mental advice... if only I followed it! ;) My apartment is overflowing with books (and I keep giving some away... ahhh!)

3:54 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

xncWelcome to downtown Melboune Muse, put your feet up and stay a while :)

7:45 am  
Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

People, please join me in calling for AOF to put back up the picture of herself when she was a little girl; it so much better than that eye picture.

As for stopping buying more than one book at a time or stop buying books full stop because you haven't read them, Why?

That's not a problem I have. I tend to buy 3 to 5 books at once (often because I can't make up my mind; I can spend hours in a book store), and usually read them all within 2 weeks; lunchtimes at work in the park or outside on the weekends are the times when it is a joy to read. I must have in excess of 500 books on my bookshelves (most brought in the last 4 years) and I can safely say I have read at 95% of them. Yes, I am a book nerd.

10:02 am  
Blogger guru Rex said...

aleks, I really respect your reading habits. I have bought way too many books, but have only probably read 40 %. I have even been known to buy the same book twice, not realizing that I already had it. At least my taste is consistent.

Not sure about your penchant for photos of little girls though ;-)

3:55 pm  
Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Rex, I'm lucky, with the exception of The Simpons I hate TV. This gives me plenty of time to read! Oh, and I only like photos of young girls when they are old ones of someone who grew up to be a fine lady.

5:36 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I don't have a problem with reading books. I am addicted to it. The only way i can support my love of reading without resorting to crime to finance it, is to belong to a really good local library. Libraries rock!

8:42 am  

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