Wednesday, August 10, 2005

steve's first day at school

Here we go. Let's start the day by taking a look at the man who, due solely to labour party preferences, is the new Victorian Senator. (Photo filched from The Age)

Lets refresh ourselves with Family First’s number one policy namely

What a surprise, FF is opposed to medical termination of pregnancy (TOP) which they rather inaccurately refer to as abortion. They favour ‘education’ in aiding a woman to make the decision. This includes:

Family First believes that a woman should be given comprehensive information as to the long term medical implications on her health including
infertility, damage to the cervix, haemorrhage and death, as well as standard surgical risks as well as possible increased risks of breast cancer.

Now this is an interesting one. It appears that the FF policy makers have never done a Medline search on the association between breast cancer and TOP. Latest studies show a protective effect of TOP in some women. I am sure they will be updating their policy any day now, giving the facts that a TOP may decrease a womans chance of later developing breast cancer.

This is just the first of FF’s many flawed policies. They are opposed to equality for people if they are not heterosexual. They are against the invasion of Iraq but have a policy of ‘we are there now so we had better stay’. Drugs and pornography are of course very bad and people can be ‘educated’ out of making these choices.

Steve may be a great bloke. Hey he’s even got his own entry in Wikepedia where apart from being the inaugural FF Senator his only other claim to fame seems to being a husband and father. Which I am sure is all the experience he needs to influence the future of this country.


Blogger Brownie said...

First let me say I loathe Preferential Voting.And now we cannot tell Liberal Conservatives from Labor because everybody is 'Poll Driven'and frightened to have a political personality in case it loses them a vote.
Now 'Family First' - do they think that a woman having a termination is NOT? putting 'a Family', or Her Family first?
and, adoption is NOT an 'Option'. The pharmaceutical suppression of lactation endured by relinquishing mothers is much more likely to cause breast cancer than any termination.
I know 2 women who have each had 3 children after multiple teen terminations by the way. Both presently healthy and content, one age 56 and the other age 72.

1:10 pm  

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