Wednesday, August 17, 2005

mistaken identity

Gee I haven’t mentioned the London bombings or its fallout for weeks. Sorry to let you down!

ITV has nabbed a leaked document enquiring into the police killing of Jean Charles De Menezes in the London underground on July 22nd. Accounts by members of the hit team, CCTV footage and photographs, show the Brazilian mistaken of being a terrorist was not wearing a ‘bulky coat’ on a hot summers day as initially reported, just a light denim jacket and no backpack. CCTV allegedly shows him walking at a normal pace to the tube station, using his season ticket to gain entry (not jumping the barrier) and only walking faster when he can see his train approach the station. He jumped on the tube, got a seat and before he knew it, was approached by CO19 officers who grabbed him then shot him 7 times in the head.

The report appears credible. ITV also carries a blurry pic of a prone figure (head not included) lying on what appears to be the floor of a train, wearing a denim jacket.

Jean Charles’ only mistake seems to be he was of a darker appearance. He was misidentified as being Hussain Osman known suspect of the recent bombing attempts. Once again, there seems to have been no question that if he had been Osman he deserved to be considered “innocent til proven guilty” and given a fair trial. No, shoot now, worry about the paper work later.

As for the officers involved. They were just doing their job.


Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

I always love the lines from Billy Bragg's Rotting on Demand;

I said there is no justice
As they led me out of the door
And the Judge said, "This isn't a court of justice, son
This is a court of law."

Remember, the law and it's "enforcers" aren't there to promote justice, they are there to mainatina the laws that the ruling elite want.

10:19 am  

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