Monday, August 22, 2005

love online

I recently said rather publicly that I have internet dated in the past. For some reason this seemed to shock/surprise/bemuse some people. In fact I am such a great advocate of the medium, it has encouraged friends to go forth and digitally connect. But beyond my immediate clan, there seems to be some prejudice about hooking up this way. I’m not sure why. It’s certainly a lot safer than hanging about in bars, less tragic than playing spot the bunch of bananas in the shopping trolley on a Thursday night and definitely more fruitful than hanging out with your coupled friends on the weekend.

There seems to be some unspoken stigma, some hint of desperation associated with this form of self-selection dating. For me it has been free, amusing and at times very exciting. So I just don’t get what’s so bad about expanding the gene pool this way?

The leading Aussie site (no need to name names, they always seem to be on tv now) has some nifty criteria like political persuasion, music, movie and reading tastes, which saves so much time. After all am I going to respond to a Britney loving, Dan Brown reading, swinging voter who doesn’t know his knee from his elbow? I do admit meeting someone through an online dating site is not always successful, not all matches are those of star-crossed lovers that the company testimonials bandy about. I have had emails from some nice but ill matched souls when I was signed on. These included:

*A guy who thought he could impress me with details of the advertising company, sports car and home cinema he owned – you was talking to the wrong chickadee there mate!

*A multitude of divorced, part time parents form the Eastern suburbs, often accountants, into easy listening music and think hanging out in Borders is an exciting thing to do (fools don’t understand the intricacies of multinationals versus local industry?).

*A swag load of Neanderthals who just wanted two splayed legs (heartbeat optional).

*Anyone who was after a “lady” – I am steadfastly opposed to the system of peerage.

*Photos of men that looked like serial killers or were digitally enhanced, obviously taken over 10 years ago, or had disembodied parts of women draped over them (one was definitely half of a wedding photo!)

Then there was the 0.001% that actually seemed suitable enough to meet. Unfortunately no computer program as yet can breath sniff a possible date (halitosis at 5 metres had me gagging and making a fast get away) or truth check (the guy who ticked the ‘average’ build box, who was not just a little chubby – which is average in Australia, but clinically obese. Not the size that was the issue, it’s the lie). I was also tempted to get any prospective dates to submit a valid birth certificate in advance.

However there were some very intelligent, good looking and entertaining people who contacted me too. A swag of PhD’s (never the best indicator of social skills but at least they had a command of the English language), left leaning, non-top 40 listening, art house movie going, inner city groovers. (Not sure how I ended up with the latest one)?

So take it from me, once you sort the wheat from the chaff, it works.


Blogger Brownie said...

Internet Dating? Oh the stories I could tell about the stories they tell.

Wishing You many happy returns Of The Day,
and let's face it - is a Virgo EVER going to be happy with another person?
I am a Virgo Only Child and I married another Virgo only Child. It only lasted 23 years.

12:24 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

LOL :) I am the virgo child of 2 virgo parents, a picky bitch all round, i don't stand a chance :) (or rather they don't :)
thanks for the thought, am off to the country for fresh air and good food. Hope you have a good virgo birthday too.

10:00 am  

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