Thursday, August 25, 2005

indulgent birthday post

This is going to be more a ramble than a rant, of a personal nature. Tune out now if you find such things self indulgent.

Thanks to those who popped by for salutations and smooches yesterday. It was indeed the day I celebrate my time on earth. You would think the novelty would have worn off by now, but still I insist on making something of it. I have only ever worked on my birthday once and it is not an experience I have cared to repeat. I was spoilt by growing up with this week in August always as the holiday between 2nd and 3rd terms (back in the days of the 3 term school year, it had something to do with lambing season I have been told).

I woke far too early for a day off, so I listened to the news on the radio and almost choked on hearing that US, right wing, evangelist fruitcake Pat Robertson, had called for the assassination of Venezuela’s president Chavez. It appears that the strong whiff of communism coming from the South is unsettling for some, though it may be just the smell of oil. The US government has gone into damage control over this. Perhaps Robertson hit a nerve?

Eventually the man slumbering beside me awoke and it was time for presents. The highlight was a scarf he had knitted himself from handspun wool in vibrant shades of red. I loved it so much I wore it all day. After a few rounds of ‘happy birthday’ and some sustenance, we hit the road to Daylesford.

Though it drizzled on the way up, by the time we hit town the sky was an intense blue and I marvelled at how warm the sun felt on my winter accustomed body. Sitting soaking up the rays, while drinking a delicious decaf soy cap, I was in heaven. We spent some time mingling with the shopkeepers and putting some money back into the local economy. I had hoped to have an absolutely bourgeois lunch at Frango & Frango’s which was sadly shut, so went for my second favourite option, something vegan from Harvest. A few more hours were spent soaking up the rays by lakes looking at the daffodils.

The day ended with a delicious meal back home at ZumZums. A perfect day. A big thanks to the one who made it so.


Blogger Brownie said...

What a sweetie you have, congratulations. Nothing to Rant about there.
For full on Daffs try The Garden of St.Erth at Blackwood in September - paddocks of em. lovely place with cafe.
..then all at once I saw a crowd - a host of golden daffodils . . .

5:34 pm  
Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

"decaf soy cap"

Oh dear, if it was only a latte you'd have had Neil Mitchell or some similar thugmonkey holding you up as the epitome of the cafe-belt left...

1:32 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

call me a caviar communist if you like, or in this case a piss weak leftie :)

2:50 pm  
Blogger Rubydot said...

That's a lovely-sounding birthday. You got the perfect weather for it :)

12:43 pm  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

ah! I did come here last year and wish you happy birthday.

24/8 is mine too.

there are more Virgo bloggers than any other sign WTF is that? is dead (long story involving scariness of wwweb)

B has a good friend who blogs though.

I spent a while showing your COAFN blog to a friend last night - she's a chef but not a blogger - so it's funny that you popped up on my facebook today.
I'm freaked by FB too.
Only joined because another friend wanted to spy on her children who are on it.

Great condolence for your loss of dear Bibi - I understand the grief.

7:51 pm  

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