Tuesday, August 09, 2005

...goodbye to the Senate gatekeepers

Today, as the federal parliament resumes after their winter play dates, there is a Liberal majority in the Senate. For some of us it is a sad day. Though I am sure there are many conservatives in the country for whom this is a great time of celebration. It is also another triumph of democracy, which I reluctantly have to support. After all, we wanted idiots to vote…

As I was not blogging at the time of the last election, I want to repeat a little rant especially for Labour voters. Yes, you guys who also didn’t want little Johny’s mates in power, because you also played a role in the Senate imbalance. How many lazy Victorian labour voters just ticked their party’s preferences for the Senate without realising they were giving their vote to a now victorious candidate of the Family First (nulliparous, pagan whores last) Party? What does this tell you about the principles of a party that would prefer fundamentalist Christians to hold some sway in politics, rather than the Greens Senate hopeful? Shame on you. Never trust your party again.

Could all the liberal voters in the room now please raise their hands. OK, we know who to call when the most basic workers rights are cut, we have troop “losses” (aka murder of our own citizens) in Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps more gst to pay? Who knows what other goodies they have up their sleeve.

Gotta love democracy.


Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

As the great man, Homer Jay Simpson, said

“When will people learn—democracy doesn't work.”

12:58 pm  
Blogger guru Rex said...

I do love democracy, but I disagree that that is what we have.

Cult of personality maybe, but certainly no democracy. You may remember our governments reaction to real democracy during the world economic forum riots of September 11, 2000 "democracy at work"

For democracy to really exist you need an informed motivated interested population of citizens, the basis of which is an activist, diverse non aligned media. Not one owned by a few moguls from the top end of town who will only ever represent the interests of their class and customers (advertisers).

So what we really have is a dictatorship of wolves over flocks of stupid sheep. Make sure you keep them in their own pens... baaaa baaaa

1:34 pm  

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